Men of Power and Abuse

In this  section we want  to discuss  how men in very powerful prominent positions,  end up in situations where they  are being accused of some type of sexual abuse, and or  inappropriate  behavior.  We  want to ask a question, and we would  like your input.

First we would like to explore what kind of  married life  did these men have? What was their relationship like we their  spouse? It is ironic that a movie was just released called  "The Wife", which from what I read the same subject matter is portrayed. The question again is,  could these men's marriage life have anything to do with some of their outrageous behavior? could a lack of intimacy at home be the driving force for these men seek intimacy out side of marriage ?  It's not like men in these  powerful positions could go seek marriage counseling, it would not be publicly acceptable.  to readily admit to the public that their wife  refuses intimacy in their marriage would  be admitting  that they are human just like every body else,and  that  would be admitting to be  weak on their part, this is not a fact my only proof is how many powerful men have you heard going to counseling for a lack of intimacy in their marriage ? They seem to rather keep on giving the impression that everything is OK. Some make call this  burning and suffering, and after 15-20-30 years of marriage that a lot of suppression.


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